Melissa Pouliot book wall at Collins Booksellers

My very own book wall!

I dropped into my local bookstore Collins Merimbula to buy some new books and was over the moon to discover they have created a ‘book wall’ for me. A whole wall, face out, just for my Missing Series (Write About Me & FOUND) plus my Detective Rhiannon McVee Series (Find Me, When You Find Me, You’ll Never Find Me & Search for Sky).

When first starting out as a self-published author I put a lot of time, energy and effort into getting my books onto shelves in bookstores, and had so many terrible experiences with booksellers who weren’t interested in my books one bit! I left several bookstores in tears and felt like I was a complete failure as an author.

Instead of giving up, I just directed all my energy into the booksellers that believed in me from day one, including Collins Booksellers Merimbula. They have always had my books on their shelves, come along to book launches to sell my books and recommend me to people who come into their store looking for a new book.

As in every aspect of life, you need to believe in yourself. After that first round of rejections I continued to self-publish my books and Search for Sky, released in February 2022, is my sixth. I regularly sit in the Collins Merimbula Top 10 books and am so proud to be a self-published author. I am now working on my 7th novel and I have people like everyone who works in Collins Merimbula to thank for keeping me motivated and inspired. I am blessed they are so passionate and supportive of my writing, THANKYOU!!