A break from Rhiannon McVee

I have been off the air for a while, and a lot of you have been wondering about the long break between updates. I have been avoiding putting words down after a family tragedy which is taking me a long time to process.

From the day I published Write About Me in 2013 and embarked on a very public search for Ursula, I used writing as a coping mechanism for all the trauma happening behind the scenes. Escaping into the worlds of my fictional characters in the Rhiannon McVee crime series kept my real emotions on the surface and I could easily pretend that what was going on in the real world wasn’t real! But after losing my precious Dad, who was my biggest fan of my books and everything else I did, I have done everything I can to avoid dealing with my emotions. Initially when I was caught up in the love bubble of his beautiful memorial celebration I had a mad weekend of writing as I felt like I couldn’t waste another minute of my life, but then nothing. Every time I’ve sat down to write the Rhiannon McVee crime series or the new crime novel I’ve started, the words won’t come.

I’ve spent a lot of time in the remote outback, also reading, listening to podcasts, doing Sudoko puzzles, listening to music, walking, catching up with friends and being with my family. I’ve also taken a gazilliion photos of big skies. I can’t take the credit for this one though, my husband took it and it’s gone into the book cover contenders folder!

This week I seemed to turn a corner and some of the fog has lifted. Rhiannon McVee and Mac have returned into my head to hang out with me, and my new character who started off as Bunny, then changed to Bridie, has also returned. She has returned as Bunny so I’m going to go with it for now and who knows! I have two partly written books and after I finish this update, I’m going to open one and see what is in store for me, and ultimately for all of you!!