Forever Young: Finding Ursula

We would never have found my cousin Ursula if it wasn’t for the amazing team at the AFP including Marina Simoncini and our much loved Rebecca Kotz, who lives on in our hearts.
Marina, Beck and I in Sydney in 2015, searching for Ursula.

Write About Me

I took a copy of my newly published book Write About Me to give to  Beck in Canberra in 2013 to ask if she could go into the back end of their website and update the details they had wrong about her disappearance including eye and hair colour and date she went missing (so naive!!).
Beck had a box of tissues and used as many as I did when I told her how long we’d lived not knowing where Ursula was (at that time it was 26 years). From that day on she never gave up on getting NSW police to put fresh eyes on the case, then we were so blessed they put the eyes of Kurt & Amy from Kings Cross Detectives onto it a year later.
After Ursula was Found, Australian Story weren’t able to fit everyone who played a crucial role in finding Ursula into their 30-minute episode, but they all feature prominently in the book I’ve written which I might publish one of these days.