How long is forever?


Alice: “How long is forever?”

White Rabbit: “Sometimes, just one second.”

Time is something I have always wished I could stop, even just for a moment, to help me catch my breath. Time is something I always try and use wisely, however, lately I feel like I’ve been running up a hill chasing time. Running has never been my strong point. My obsession with time is fuelled by some sadness over the past few months, and losing special people in my life who ran out of time way too young. It’s a double edged sword; you want to make the most of every moment, appreciate that you are fit, healthy and have a happy, fortunate life…but then again, losing someone you love alters your perspective and time slips away, days, weeks, months, and you wonder where it has gone and what you have done with it.

“Now here, we mostly have days and nights two or three at a time, and sometimes in the winter we take as many as five nights together — for warmth, you know.” The Red Queen

Sitting down to give you a book update after so much time has passed (was it really Easter since I have been in touch?!) I actually have used some of my time wisely and have passed the 20,000 word mark in my new novel which is the fifth instalment of the Detective Rhiannon McVee crime fiction series. This is a milestone to celebrate, it’s one third of a book! My goal is to publish in September, and you should all hold me to that!