New book release Feb 2022: SEARCH FOR SKY


The moment you’ve all been waiting for (cue drum roll).
The next book in my Rhiannon Series is Search for Sky.
Release date: 22-2-22.
I took the background photo in September as the sun was setting on The Marra plains in outback NSW, where much of this book is set. The incredible coincidence is that I wrote half of this book in 2017 before I’d even been to The Marra…life really does work in mysterious ways 😉
Thank you again to Lara Walsh for your magical cover design.

Book 4 in the Rhiannon Series.

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In Australia Ayala Philips is still missing.
So is Keely Johnson.
So are thousands of others.
Their cases are getting colder and Rhiannon McVee’s hopes of solving them are fading.
But hope can come from the most surprising of places.
When someone starts leaving clues in the remote Australian outback, leading Rhiannon closer and closer to a suspected serial killer, will the next body she discovers be Ayala, Keely or someone else?
Crime fiction inspired by real life, written by the cousin of one of Australia’s most compelling and heartbreaking missing persons cases.