Book club reads Write About Me

The club used the book club discussion questions I have developed for the novel. The photo they posted on Instagram says it all – what better way to spend an evening than with a group of book-loving friends, cheese, wine talking about books!

Here is what they said:

“Where do I even start? A great discussion tonight with lots of personal experiences and thoughts – some quotes from the night include:

Harrowing but just so well written
It sounds strange because of the content but I loved this book

We also had comments about how well Write About Me demonstrted just how many people can be affected by a missing person and how it can happen to anywhere, to anyone. And a lot of interest in following your young detective Rhiannon McVee – yay! Thankfully you have three more books after this one!!” Sandra Moon

“A wonderful book Melissa Pouliot. Harrowing subject matter, but as I said to Sandra Moon, your book cleverly illustrated the enormous impact any one individual has on so many lives. Thank you for a great read.” Kristen Ody

One of my favourite comments from the night was this one:
“I will show these photos to hubby to prove that we do talk about the books – not just the wine and cheese!”

* If your book club would like to add Write About Me to your list, my discussion questions are HERE . It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, if you would like me to join your discussion I’d be happy to – just get in touch via email and we can arrange to Skype, talk books and drink wine!

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