Book review for Find Me by Melissa Pouliot

THANKYOU to everyone who makes the effort to leave a review on Amazon or Goodreads. Not only does it make my day, it also helps my books get noticed in the biggest bookstore in the world! Here’s a new one from Goodreads, and I LOVE how Christine has picked up on my deliberate ‘stop-start’ writing style. I had a LOT of conversations with detectives while they were investigating Ursula’s case and I know that missing persons cases do not seamlessly flow in a neat timeline – her timeline was 30 years, with a lot of stop-start.

“FIND ME, is the first in a series featuring Detective Rhiannon McVee. It is mix of crime interspersed with outback romance inspired by the authors own personal missing persons tragedy. This was a mix of three cold cases which continue to gnaw at the Detective as she pursues her long distance relationship whilst juggling her police work. The result to the reader appears to be a start stop series of chapters that seem unconnected. However I think that is deliberate and Is intended to convey what the Detective experiences when various facts unfold on each case. The pace is a gentle mix of slow and fast moving events. I found it was hard to put down once started. As the book is the first in a series the end leaves some unanswered questions, which hopefully will be answered in the following books. I enjoyed reading this, once I understood the reasoning behind the stops and starts, and recommend it. Looking forward to the rest of the series.”

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