Who is Rhiannon McVee?

I am so excited about my new book – YOU’LL NEVER FIND ME – which is the fourth in my bestselling Detective Rhiannon McVee crime mystery series inspired by the real life disappearance of my own family member nearly 30 years ago.

My readers are on tenterhooks for every new book I publish, to find out what Rhiannon McVee is up to – is she living happily ever after with her true love cowboy Mac? Has she solved any of her captivating missing persons cases? Has she found missing teenager Keely, or missing wife Ayala? And who is the mysterious body buried in the outback with just the random clue s.k.y.?

So, who is Rhiannon McVee?

A twenty-something girl from the Australian outback with her eyes set firmly on being a detective. Her career starts in the late 80s at Kings Cross Police Station, amongst a dominant male police force who see so many people go missing that one missing person just blends in with the next. But Rhiannon’s no pushover, and doesn’t take no for an answer when she’s on a case. Off the job Rhiannon is like any normal girl in her twenties, she loves to party, she loves her family and she loves her cowboy who waits patiently for her to return to her outback home.

Rhiannon McVee is also the detective I have created as my own fairy godmother, who I wish was in our lives in 1987 when my first cousin Ursula Barwick boarded a train for nowhere on the NSW Central Coast.

My crime mystery novels are all endorsed by the Australian Federal Police. They are part of my quest to let the world know that Ursula and all the other missing people are not just faces on a missing persons poster. Ursula is one of Australia’s 2000 long-term missing. She is a much loved daughter, cousin, niece and friend. She is funny, outgoing, laughs loud, loves 70s and 80s rock music, rides motorbikes and horses and loves kids.

Every person who reads one of my books learns a little bit more about a growing ‘community’ within our society which none of us joins by choice. My readers learn that going missing is not a crime, you don’t have to wait 24 hours to report someone missing, more than 100 people a day go missing in Australia – around 35,000 every year – and that for every missing person at least 12 others are affected. When you do the sums, there are around half a million people in this missing persons community.

It’s people like Detective Rhiannon McVee who make our lives better and help us find our missing loved ones. And when we do, she’s there to help us pick up the pieces.

I hope you enjoy my new book, and that you are so captivated by my Rhiannon that you want to introduce her to all your friends.

  • The AFP National Missing Persons Coordination Centre Team Leader Rebecca Kotz launched You’ll Never Find Me at Dulcie’s Cottage Merimbula on July 21, 2016 to a crowd of 120 people. Beers, Burgers, Books & Blues was the best book launch ever! But that’s another story…

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