ABC Radio book review: Write About Me

Write About Me, book review, Melissa Pouliot, ABC

The kindness and generosity of total strangers is something to be celebrated and shared. Two women from Toowoomba dedicated over 11 minutes of airtime on ABC Southern Queensland to me and my debut crime novel Write About Me.

They were having a conversation about the Unleash the Beast event on Wednesday 10th October 2018  that I’m part of for World Mental Health Day.

I feel so blessed – thankyou Emma Mactaggart and Belinda Sanders!

Have a listen – Emma loved Write About Me and says so many lovely things which is a huge boost for me to keep writing!!

Write About Me

The year is 1988 and 16-year old Annabelle Brown from northern Queensland runs away from her family and friends for the bright lights of somewhere new. She ends up in Kings Cross in Sydney where her life takes some dark twists and turns. Endorsed by the Australian Federal Police, Write About Me is real and raw and will break your heart into a million pieces. Inspired by the author’s true family cold case mystery, ‘Write About Me’ is a heart-wrenching story about a teenage runaway who doesn’t come home. Not crime, not fiction, but that dangerous place in between.

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