The case is cold. All hope is lost. Suddenly, the future collides with the past.

In the dead of night, teenage runaway Annabelle Brown vanishes in the rugged Blue Mountains west of Sydney, in a shroud of mystery and intrigue. Twenty-seven years later, with no body, no clues and no leads, the case remains unsolved. Then reformed Kings Cross drug dealer Antonio ‘Ant’ Fitzpatrick runs into his old flame Christine Long, a prostitute turned jewellery designer for the elite, and the criminal underground drags them back to their dark pasts. Bright, young detective Louise Whadary, determined to solve this cold case, discovers some hidden clues, and their lives start to unravel as the secrets they buried come back to haunt them. As investigators close in on a murder suspect, Annabelle’s family realise it’s never too late to discover the truth. But will that truth ever be found? The sequel to the #1 bestselling novel Write About Me.

“Enthralling and emotionally and psychologically accurate.” Chris Gould retired UK Detective Chief Superintendent, Child-Safe International founding chairman

“Powerful, fascinating, heartbreaking, insightful, compelling and every family’s worst nightmare.” Fleur Ferris bestselling author of RISK, BLACK & WRECK

Reading Group Questions

Who is your favourite character in this story and why?
• Do you feel empathy or frustration with Christine and the choices she
makes with her relationships, and life in general?
• Ant is an antihero in the novel. As the story reveals itself, do you think
Ant is good, evil or somewhere in between?
• What do you think of the choices Ant makes right through to the end of
the book?
• Before you read this, what was your understanding of the impact when
someone goes missing? How has this book changed your understanding?
• More than 100 people a day go missing in Australia, more than 20,000 of
them teenagers like Annabelle. What can we do as a community to help
prevent our vulnerable, at risk youth from going missing?
• Who would you turn to in the first instance if someone close to you went
missing? Your local police, the Australian Federal Police, a missing
persons’ organisation like Australian Missing Persons Register or the
Missing Persons Advocacy Network, your local newspaper or social
• Do you think the use of an interweaving narrative – switching between
present and past – makes the story more engaging?
• Christine has worked hard to make good of her life, despite a rough start.
How important are the themes of forgiveness and letting go of the past,
not only with Christine, but other characters in the book, like Lee?
• Annabelle is the ghost throughout the novel. Did you find yourself
wanting to know more about Annabelle through her own eyes instead of
the eyes of those who miss her?